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ABOUT Nerd Hope24

As a self-proclaimed nerd, I am very new and excited to start blogging about my nerd obsessions, school life and occasional social problems. Although brevity isn’t my best friend, I hope that blog will help me develop my voice in writing and meet more NDGs. I have a love for technology and I’m known to be very tech savvy with almost any device, specifically Apple, Windows, or Androids. Also, I love to swim, use the computer, read (preferably historical fiction or young adult novels), listen and sing along to music (my taste varies), and watch Netflix.


“The NDG” was created as way for me to document and share my knowledge and experience throughout my academic career in high school. I wanted to share tips and create survival guide to help my fellow NDGs and many others get through what’s considered one of the biggest turning points in most of our lives, HIGH SCHOOL. Despite the title of my blog, I will not be mentioning stereotypical things like a social hierarchy or referencing other social cliques since most of those things are meant for movies and really don’t exist on many actual high school campuses. Most of my advice or tips will be about things like bullying and social problems (that actually exist), school supplies (best brands, budgeting, and bargain hunting for ‘Brandists’like myself), classes, time management, life as a NDG, and some of my high school experience. I also plan to recap some fun TV shows that I enjoy watching (TVTIME) and blog about tech news about companies like Apple and Samsung (NDGTECH).

!!! IMPORTANT NOTICE: I don’t believe in exclusion, so everyone can visit even if you’re not a nerd, dork, or geek (NDG). I chose NDG for the title of my blog because it reflects on me and in general relates to what I will be posting about.

If you feel like you can contribute something to my blog, please contact me through a comment or this page

7 thoughts on “About

  1. I saw that you requested some help at the Community Pool, so I hope you don’t mind if I give it here. These are only personal things, which you can pay attention to or ignore as you see fit.
    *Consider a ‘contact me’ page in case of more private interactions
    *The emoticons worked very well within your last post
    *Personally I don’t feel that the Meta widget does much, but that’s just my opinion
    *You may want to consider a WordPress follow widget as well as an email option
    *I’m not sure that ‘NDG TECH’ and ‘NDG TIME’ need all caps in the header menu
    *You write well, and lists seem to be perennially popular
    Tips for increasing traffic:
    *Participate in others’ blog parties when they’re on, and interact as much as possible apart from that-make useful and/or thought provoking comments (ie not just ‘great post’) on others’ blogs
    *If you can get a fairly high spot on the Community Pool with a fairly pithy comment (eg ‘Calling all nerds, dorks, and geeks, I would appreciate you aiding a brethren to X’) near the beginning of the Community Pool (Monday, I’m afraid I can’t remember the time) or at the very beginning if possible then your views will be boosted, albeit temporarily, but you will likely gain some followers too
    *The same goes for helping at the Community Pool. Be helpful and give good advice, and people will likely take a look at your blog
    *Consider participating in Blogging 101, it’s a great place to meet new bloggers and get increased traffic if you post right
    This is all just advice based on personal experience, and you are free to do what you will with it, I really enjoyed reading your blog.
    Best, Matt
    P.S. I would really appreciate you taking a look at my new second blog http://wp.me/6c4D3 If you suscribe, there is a free giveaway which includes ‘Five things I wish I did when I started WordPress’ and ‘How to win friends and influence bloggers’ amongst other things


  2. I’ve nominated you and your blog for The Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award. You can check out my blog for details. Have a great day! 🙂


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