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My First YouTube Video

Hi guys (I’ve missed blogging so much),

I’m sorry for being very MIA in posting, but I have been keeping up on all of your guy’s blogs, so I want to kudos those who post  often (even when life is very hectic). Sadly the same cannot be said for me since I have a lot of school work and activities that require my time, so my posting for this year may be very limited. However, I promise to be back with music, tips, tutoring, wise words, and many surprises in 2016.

I had a lot of fun creating this video and may do videos on the previous topics I mentioned earlier so stay tuned, and thanks to my fellow bloggers for still being an awesome community. (Also please give me some tips on how to balance school, life and a blog.)

And, yes, my very  first youtube video will be an AP homework assignment 😓.

Homework Information (Video Description)

Outside source: “Glossary of Demographic Terms.” Population Reference Bureau. Population Reference Bureau. Web. 7 Jan. 2016. @….
TEXTBOOK Source: The Cultural Landscape AP Edition 11/E Rubenstein
AP Human Geography
Chapter: 2 // Review Question: Define key demographic terms and identify regions in which high and low extreme examples of each can be found.
Short Answer:
Many high and low extreme examples of demographic terms often reflect whether those countries are categorized as more a developed country or lesser developed country. For example, crude birth rate, defined as the total number of live births in one year per 1,000 people alive in society, tend to be higher in LDCs like countries in sub-Saharan Africa and low in European countries, most of which are MDCs. The same pattern is followed by total fertility rate, the average number of children a woman will have throughout her childbearing years, with the most of the high extremes being in many LDCs located in sub-Saharan Africa and Southwest Asia and lows being found MDCs, like the United States and China. Considering that MDCs have more access to medical technology, it makes sense that low infant mortality rates, defined as a total number of deaths among infants under 1 year of age for every 1,000 live birth, are found in countries like Canada and the United States while high infant mortality rates are in sub-Saharan African countries. There are several exceptions to trend, one being the crude death rate, defined as the total number of deaths in one year per 1,000 people alive in society, which is lowest in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Libya but highest in Mozambique, Zambia, and Afghanistan.

Thanks for reading,

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Still a nerd, but dealing with a lot of change. Brevity may not be my best friend but I know blogging will help me develop my voice and meet new people.

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