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2nd Award! The Infinity Dreams Award


2 Awards, One Birthday Week. I got more than I have ever wished for and have so much to be thankful for.

Like I said in my previous post, I’m BACK and currently have way too much to be thankful for. After school had taken over all parts of my life by overwhelming me with unending hours of homework, I had to take a break from posting and go on a major hiatus pause. I will talk about this in my upcoming life update post,  but this post is dedicated to the lovely Oa’si from HaloHaloHarmony. So major ‘thank you’s for nominating me for the The Infinity Dreams Award, which I will cheerfully accept. Hey readers, make sure to check out her adorable and fun blog, okay.

So here are my wishes, and pipe dreams:

Wish 1: For my parents to see all their family members and friends again. My parents left a lot in Nigeria in order to move to America, so I could have better opportunities here. My dad left many siblings behind (I think 26 brothers and sisters), and my mom left a lot family and her mother as well. I also would want to be there so I could see their faces, and meet the people who shaped my parents to be the amazing people they are.

Dream 2: To accomplish a happy life in the future. I don’t want to grow up and have all of my family’s sacrifices be in vain, you know. I really big pipe dreams of going to Stanford and becoming a corporate lawyer, even the probability for me is: P(Event A) = 0.000000000000…1%. In the end, I just hope that I have future filled with happiness, surrounded by family and friends, my dream job, and optimistically love.

Wish 3: The world to filled with more people who help people out, and never forget to say, “Have a Great Day.” I always do this for my teachers, and for my bus drivers when I use to ride the bus. Trust me, it totally makes a difference for people to be more helpful or say “Have a Great Day.” Sometimes, it can turn someone’s horrible day around or just brighten their mood. I think the world would a much better place, if more people did this everyday.

Wish 4: That everyone could appreciate who they are! Gosh, high school would be so much more enjoyable if each individual person could realize how amazing they are. Even if you have twin, there’s only one of you with your DNA and finger print. Remember each one of you can do something special that can make the world a better place.

Dream 5: To live in a world of happiness and goodness. I’ve watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica and read the Bible, so I know there’s always some form of evil in the world but is it really a major pipe dream to wish that the world was only filled with good things and was a positive stuff. All we need is more people dedicated to fill the world with positive attitude and help those who need a push in that direction.

My Nominations, listed in no particular order:


Still a nerd, but dealing with a lot of change. Brevity may not be my best friend but I know blogging will help me develop my voice and meet new people.

4 thoughts on “2nd Award! The Infinity Dreams Award

  1. Hey Nerdhope

    You surely made my day. Thanks a lot.
    My heart jumps in delight – my 3rd award in a single week. I’ll be a bit busy this week. So will surely get back to the formal acceptance of the award soon.

    Have a great day ahead!
    Arcane owl

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