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Kotoura-san Episode 1 Recap | TVTIME đŸ“ș by Nerd Hope24


Hey readers, so I am a newbie anime watcher and veteran k-drama watcher, so please don’t hate on my anime recaps too much. (However, don’t be afraid to comment and give me suggestions or advice.) This week I am starting to recap 2 awesome (so-far) animes: Special A and Kotoura-san.

My Thoughts on the Pilot:

Honestly, this was one of strongest pilot episode, I have seen for any show (anime or not). If you didn’t cry at all during the beginning, then you’ve either watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica too recently, are related to Kyubey or you may want to visit the hospital to make sure you have human DNA. For now, I’m definitely hooked on the show since I found it refreshing, and loved how they told her story in the beginning.  I can’t wait to Kotoura’s development throughout the show and see how the dynamics of the characters play into their school life and adventures.

Song of the Day and/or Anime:

Kotoura-san English DubThe theme song for this anime was not dubbed in english, but I’ve got you guys covered. Here’s an English cover by Chibigurla. I found the song and cover to be cute and I think it’s going to foreshadow the tone of the series.

Characters (introduced):

Main Characters of Kotoura-san
Main Characters of Kotoura-san: Hiyori Moritani, Yoshihisa Manabe, Haruka Kotoura, Yuriko Mifun (Top), and Daichi Muroto (Bottom).

Haruka Kotoura – Our main protagonist and poor girl who has been through hell due to her physic ability to read minds. She had no understanding of this ability of a young age, so she unintentionally exposed secrets causing her loose friends and be disowned by her own parents.

Yoshihisa Manabe – The deuteragonist and dumb pervert who becomes friends with our Kotoura. Manabe has a crush (along with perverted thoughts) and deeply cares about Kotoura. He will also serve as her love interest throughout the series.

Hiyori Moritani – Girl who got shot down. She had a short cameo appearance this episode, so I will furtherly explain her in episode 2. So far we know, she has a crush on Manabe.

Zenzou Kotoura – Zenzou is the grandfather of Kotoura and had a a short cameo appearance this episode, so I will furtherly explain him in his upcoming episodes.

Head priest – Priest and friend of Kotoura’s grandfather, who also had a short cameo appearance.

Kumiko Kotoura – Kotoura’s mother and a bitch who doesn’t deserve an explanation. Watch the episode and read below for more information on this good-for-nothing mother and her character.

- SPOILER SECTION - Skip to My Comments to avoid SOME spoilers.

Episode 1: “Kotoura-san and Manabe-kun” (çŽæ”Šă•ă‚“ăšçœŸé‹ăă‚“) Recap

The show opens with a scene of kids walking to school, where we find our protagonist being distinctly separated from the group of student like she’s in a force shield or big bubble. We’re given a closeup of the character (notice how her eyes appear darken compared to the anime art) and then into a flashback to the beginning of her life.

First, we see adorable Kotoura when she’s born and switch to her toddler age where she is unknowingly uses her mind-reader skills to know what’s for breakfast and to reveal the truth about her father’s inner thoughts at the table. Her skills continue to grow, as seen in school where she is shown to always win at rock, paper, scissors since she can hear what people a thinking shoot. However, this leads to trouble when she reveals her friends crushes while they’re talking about how they “hate” boys. This leads to one of her friends crying, when her crush says Kotoura’s is lying about his reciprocated feelings, causing all her friends to hate her and bringing trouble into her home.

Her teacher gives the complaints of the students and parents to her mother, Kumiko Kotoura, and her father (who has been faceless for all his appearances, so foreshadowing) decides to not offer any support or help. Asshole move much, she’s your child too. Her mother goes from doctor to doctor asking them to help with her daughter ESP abilities, but does not receive any information or is kicked out. At a certain point, Kotoura begins to break down about how no one plays with her, and whisper behind her back. Her father isn’t even there for her or her mother and is now working late or is always absent. đŸ˜·*cough, cough*đŸ˜·Â Affair alert!

Desperate, her mother even takes Kotoura to a priest, and soon begins to start drinking. Kotoura tries to comfort her mother, but only brings anger and causes Kumiko to throw the glass at poor little Kotoura-san. Kotoura only finds comfort in her grandfather about her woes of family and friends. Later, she accidentally reveals her parents’ affairs to each other (who didn’t see this coming) increasing the hostility between her and her parents.

This leads to Kotoura being abandoned by her mother (so I can guess the father did not come back after that night) and, even after begging her stay, her mother pushing her back on her and quote on quote saying:

Kumiko Kotoura: “I should never have given birth to you.”

Harsh, no matter all the trouble and pain she caused. Honestly, she’s horrible and no better than the father now. Worst and weakest mother of the day goes to Kumiko Kotoura. You don’t just go abandon your child and even while I’m ranting, I actually feeling really bad for Kotoura.

Kumiko walks out and Kotoura begins to apologize for everything. Tearing up 😱 right now. Kotoura goes to school where she receives numerous amounts of name calling and people teasing her about being disowned by her parents. One thing I’ve always hated about the TV shows’ Japanese/Korean schools is how the kids are horrible bullies and their bullying can be rather harsh. Aren’t there any bully laws in Asian countries (No offense intended)? Teasing someone about being disowned is rude and none of their business in the first place.

School continues to be hell for Kotoura as she is continuously switching and always loosing friends. In later years she is casted as an outsider and unceasingly being mocked or tease. Poor girl, my heart goes out to her 💞. Sequently, she becomes friends with a stray cat since she can’t read its mind and is similar too in terms of being alone. She nurtures until a bitchy old lady decides to take the cat to shelter, causing Kotoura to break down in the rain. Her eyes appear to be soulless/lifeless and she crumbles down crying.

Back in the present, she is transferring to a new school and is already using her mind reading abilities. By now, it seems that Kotoura has given up on having friends or getting close to anyone and prefers to be alone. While walking to her chair, she see’s Manabe weird daydream and he sort of brings the light back into the classroom and her eye color. (FANTASTIC FORESHADOW, RIGHT? IT HAS TO DO WITH THE STORY. RIGHT? or at least I hope so.)

Cue the cute theme song featuring all the characters (including good-for-nothing mother) and Manabe’s pervert-ish dreams. At the new school, Kotoura remains isolated while Moritani invites to Manabe to her house only to be shot down. Kotoura impresses Manabe with her mind reading ability and, after sometime, Manabe decides to eat lunch with Kotoura. He continues his pursuit in trying to get to know her, even in gym where he ditches his partner to be her, much to Kotoura’s annoyance. LOL 😂 at that last pic right now.

Soon, Manabe starts to walk her home and brings up her past pain by asking her about her mind-reading ability, thinking it’s a trick, and causing her to call him an idiot and to run off. The next day, she eats at the roof to avoid him but this fails as he ultimately finds her. She starts to walk off (Man, this guy either does not give up or he doesn’t take hints?) until Manabe start daydreaming perverted thoughts of Kotoura. LOL. She rushes back, trying to stop him and he fully understands how she can read minds. Poor her though, if she can read almost any perverted thought in close distance. Kotoura almost cries expecting Manabe to start bullying her too, but instead he freaks out about he’s going have to keep his dirty thoughts in check. I’m so loving his character right now 😜.

That night she lies down exhausted and starts to think about Manabe becoming a friends but has flashbacks of her past (her eyes are darkening again) and decides she can’t. She runs into Manabe at the Market and saves his life from an apathetic truck driver. Manabe takes Kotoura home to help with her wound and learns about her parents abandoning her. She tries to push him away, but he persist asking if she’s okay it. She fully breaks down about how the ability has causes many to leave her and ruin hr life and Manabe promises to never leave her. Kotoura starts to cry tears of joy, but snaps out of it when Manabe thinks a dirty thought. (I love how she’s covering her chest so protectively, but I was weirded out that crying girls were a “turn-on” for Manabe. He’s such a pervert. ) Kotoura’ rants at him for his behavior and the episode closes them officially becoming friends. (DTR – Defining the Relationship – Part 1, I hope).

My Comments:

I have to say the first part of the pilot, may have been hell to watch, but it was the strongest part of the episode. Everything made sense and they gave us good glimpses of the characters so that we can be familiar with them, without overshadowing the plot. The first half really did a good job pulling at my heartstrings in certain moments and kept good pacing. What I really like was that even though this was a set-up episode, it wasn’t boring. Most of these kind of series (including PMMM – although there was an intriguing ring to that show to be honest) don’t tend to pick up until a couple of episodes, but I like how this anime started off fairly strong. The only problem is keeping that up and not faltering throughout the 12 episode run, which I could see becoming a problem for show. In conclusion, I am liking this dramedy and I’m really excited to see the characters dynamics, development and adventures throughout the series.

So readers voice your opinion in a comment or on the poll, and tell if you watched the show. Also, if you’re new to my blog, check out my NDG School Survival Guide for tips on school and stay tuned for posts, including TV Time Recaps, by following my blog.

Thanks for reading 😉😀,

Nerd Hope24

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