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Ultimate Back to School (9th Grade) Supplies Haul | NDG School Survival Guide by Nerd Hope24

NDG School Survival Guide

For some, summer is merely beginning, and others it continues. Sadly for me, it’s coming to a close, and as my summer draws near to an end I need to finish my summer assignments, start school review preparations, and (my personal favorite) start BACK-TO-SCHOOL SHOPPING.

As a nerd, I find it very important to find, choose, and have the correct supplies since they are every NDG’s tools of trade for school and our academic careers. I have a very serious obsession with back-to-school supplies and I’m very quality conscious, so I tend to go over board with my shopping. Fortunately, I’m an awesome bargain hunter and will be posting my back-to-school shopping tips soon.

Honestly speaking, this is one of my favorite time of the year with the thoughts of seeing some friends again, going shopping, and being back in school mode, but also stressful with the need to do assignments, less fun time, and soon giving up sleep and relaxation for the unending hours of homework to come.

This year, I went bargain hunting at Dollar Tree, Target, Office Depot, Wal-Mart, and then Amazon. I found shopping around saved me tones of cash and allowed me to be exposed to more quality products, compared to how I usually just shopped at Amazon and Wal-Mart. I will be discussing this further in my upcoming back-to-school shopping tips post.

I figured, in honor of this time, I would create the “Ultimate School Supplies Checklist” and will post the supplies I purchased. This is the start of the NDG School Survival Guide Series, so watch my upcoming school supplies haul video on my YouTube channel and stay tune for more posts by clicking the follow button on the side bar. Check out the items I purchased with pictures and the “Ultimate 9th Grade School Supplies Checklist” posted below.

My Ultimate School Supplies Haul for 9th Grade

  • Backpack – This year, I ordered the High Sierra Swerve Backpack for 9th grade and, so far, I love it. Awesome features include a padded laptop sleeve and tablet pouch, it’s female fit, and the pockets. I will discuss further in my “How I Pack my Backpack” post.
  •  USB drive – I’m reusing the USB drive I’ve kept since 6th grade. A helpful tip is that keeping things that can be reused saves lots of money on back-to-school shopping. How I never loose my USB (knock on wood not to jinx) is keep it in backpack pocket, box in my room, or in a binder pencil pouch.
  • Binders – For my 9th grade school year, I bought 3 Avery Heavy-Duty 1.5 inch binders at Wal-Mart. They hold 400 sheets, are one touch, and have DuraHinge to resist tears. I love Avery Heavy Duty Binders because they tend to last me the entire school year.
  • Dividers (for Binders) – I purchased the Avery Big Tab Two Pocket Insertable Plastic Dividers (8 tabs) and will be using 2 Avery Big Tab Insertable Dividers (5 tabs) that I bought from last year. I plan on dividing the 8 tabs into 3 binders for my 6/7 classes and may use the 5 tab dividers for the classes that need further division. These dividers, like the Avery Binders, have great durability and usually last me the year.
  • Line Paper – I previously still had 150 sheets saved from my previous year and only purchased 2 packs of 150 College Rule Line paper for $1.64 from Wal-Mart. I’ve never been picky about the type of brand of my line paper is and only really care about the quantity.
  • School Planner – I did a little bargain hunting at the Dollar Tree and found this cute blue planner for a dollar compared to the one’s in Target and Wal-Mart for $7-10. I find it has the same label of durability and I enjoy how I definitely got the better deal.
  • Highlighters – I repurchased the Sharpie Highlighter Retractable 5-Pack. I basically ran down my yellow one in the first semester and enjoyed the other colors since these had great quality and did not bleed or smear.
  • Glue Sticks – I’m pretty picky about my glue sticks since I tend to get teachers that do a lot of projects. This year, I bought Elmer’s All Purpose Glue Sticks since they are photo safe, washable, and acid free. No to mention, they were also pretty cheap at Office Depot.
  • Folders – I repurchased 6 Mead Five Star Stay-Put Tabs 2 Pocket Folder for $1.99 a piece. I love these folders since they are better than binder pockets and awesome for storage when I clean out and throw away my destroyed binders at the end of the year.
  • Spiral Notebooks – For my spirals, I stayed in the Mead Five Star Family. At Target, I purchased 3 College Ruled 220 Sheets Notebooks with Movable Tabbed Dividers. I am in love with this product since the pockets in this edition are plastic, not the orange cardboard ones, and the dividers help me use it more like a binder.
  • Pencils – I have only bought one type of pencil pack since the 5th grade, which are the Ticonderoga Pre-Sharpened #2 Pencils 30 pack. I only purchased 2 this year since I have an extra pack of 30 from last year. These pencils are amazing since they work with almost any pencil sharpeners and have awesome pink erasers that are actually usable.
  • Mechanical Pencils – At Wal-Mart, I purchase 1 pack of 24 BIC Pencil Xtra·STRONG Break-Resistant lead #2 pencils. I prefer wooden pencils compared to mechanicals, so I don’t really need that many mechanical pencils for the school year.
  • White Erasers – I purchased the Pentel Hi-POLYMER Eraser 4 pack from Office Depot and Pentel Hi-POLYMER Eraser Caps Non-Abrasive Erasers 12 pack from Target. I’m testing the caps to see if they won’t tear paper like advertised and checking to see if Pentel is better than Paper Mate since I still have 3 white Paper Mate erasers from 8th grade. I had previously used Pentel before so I can expect good quality erasers from this brand.
  • Colored Pencils – I repurchased the Crayola Pre-Sharpened Colored Pencils 24 pack like I’ve been doing since elementary school. These packs always last me over a year and work perfectly for my school art projects.
  • Red, Blue and Black Pens (for Class) – To match my other retractable items, I bought the Paper Mate Ink Joy Business Pack 300 RT. I bought these pens two years ago and they’ve lasted me until now so I decided to repurchase them.
  • Pens (Fashion Colors for Art Projects) – I repurchased Paper Mate Profile Fashion Colors 12 Pack, which I definitely enjoyed using in 8th grade. Sadly, I lost the black pen and the blue one broke so beware of this pen’s durability.
  • 1 Sharpie – While shopping at Target, I found this amazing Sharpie Wall and bought the 2 in 1 Fine Point and Ultra Fine Black Sharpie. The brand name speaks for itself and I would recommend being careful with these on campus considering they are permanent and could be band from your school. I usually use this for labeling my supplies and on my project broads.
  • Pencil Boxes or Pouches (Supply Case) – I got a great deal at Target, where I found these two adorable pencil boxes for 69 cents beating both Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree prices. They have the same quality and will be using this to store my pens and pencils in the front pouch of my backpack where they fit perfectly.
  • Graph Paper – Another great find from Target was this Reinforced Filler Paper Quad Ruled 125 sheet pack by Up & Up. I’ve bought a couple Up & Up products this year and I’m expecting a good quality product from what I’ve seen so far.
  • Geometry Set – I repurchased Maped Geometry 10 Piece Study Set, which I found lasted me a good 2 years. I will warn you the case is not that durable, but the compasses were in great condition for the price.
  • Ruler – I am reusing my 6th grade ruler, which is wooden, from Wal-Mart and has lasted 3 years. If you are shopping for a new ruler, I would suggest Dollar Tree since they sell 3 in a pack for $1 or Target since they sell wooden ones individually for $0.25.
  • Calculator (Scientific or Graphing) – I am reusing the CASIO Scientific Calculator and have a Texas Instrument Graphing Calculator on hand. These calculators lasted my mom’s college career, and have worked for me throughout elementary and middle school. The CASIO and Texas Instrument brand have shown to last long, so I would recommend buying from these brands despite the cost.
  • Index Cards – I bought 200 index cards for 1 dollar at Dollar Tree, but I found a better deal at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart had 300 cards pack on sale for about a dollar. I don’t have any regret of my purchase considering I still have extra 400 cards in storage from 8th grade.
  • Post Its – From what I know, Post-it are having a great deal at Target, where there are packs for $1. However, I purchased 720 2×2 post its in 4 different colors from Amazon. They fit the lines of my planner from Dollar Tree, which is a huge bonus considering they cost $7.20.
  • Dictionary – I am reusing my Webster Dictionary from 6th grade, and decided not to purchase a collegiate dictionary considering there is and I have one saved on my computer. I would only recommend buying a dictionary or thesaurus on your teacher’s instruction to save money.
  • Book Covers – I am reusing the 4 book covers I purchased from Wal-Mart in 6th grade. If you’re planning on buying book covers, wait until you receive your textbooks and then head to Target to purchase the amount you need for the price of $0.69 to $1 a piece depending on size.
  • Construction paper – I bought a construction paper pack from Amazon 3 years ago and it has lasted me until now. It contained 300 sheets, so if you’re looking for large packs check out Amazon but for yearly use checkout Wal-Mart, Target or Dollar Tree.
  • Tape – If you’re looking or need tape, check out you’re local Dollar Tree because I found Scotch Tape 2 packs for a dollar. This is a great deal, considering other stores have scotch tape for much higher prices.
  • Scissors – I am reusing my scissors from 8th grade, which I kept in good condition for 9th grade. If you were planning on buying a new pair of scissors, I would recommend keeping them in great condition so you can save money on back-to-school shopping next year.
  • Pencil Sharpener – I am also reusing my Pencil Sharpener, which I purchased in the 7th grade. Although, the lid of sharpener broke off, it still works in great condition. This sharpener rarely breaks my pencils or colored pencils, so I consider this great find. I also have an electronic sharpener for my desk at home, so I can sharpen my pencils easily and in a timely manner while completing my homework.
  • Stapler (Mini Recommended) – I bought a mini stapler sometime between elementary school and middle school. It has lasted me until now, and I would highly recommend this because it’s a very useful tool to have at school. Unfortunately, because I purchase this in store, I don’t remember the brand so I hope you find a really good mini stapler like I did. Also this compact size helped me keep this in my backpack and school supply kits over the school years.
  • Staples – Okay, this is embarrassing to admit but I accidentally over purchased how many staples I would need for middle school. I still have too much for high school and I would suggest only 2 packs of 100 staples per year at most.
  • Hole puncher – I have a mini hole puncher for school and a desk for home. I enjoy having both because the mini allow me to punch holes at important times in school or at study group, while the desk allows me to do this at home taking less time. My recommendation is to at least purchase a portable hole puncher in your backpack for school.
  • Report Covers – This is meant to stay at home, but you never know when a surprise project may pop up. I like to keep 5 on hand at home, since I never know when my parents will not be able to take me to the store or lend me money to pick some up. I would recommend buying these at Office Depot or Wal-Mart.
  • Sheet Protectors – For projects, I would suggest buying sheet protectors to protect your papers or at least for important documents in your binder. I purchased mine this year from Office Depot for a pack of 50 for around $10. I bought the standard weight and would expect this to be a great product considering this is from Office Depot.
  • White Out (OPTIONAL) – I never use White Out, but this year at dollar tree, I found a bottle for a dollar. It was BIC brand and decided to buy it just to see if it would be useful or unnecessary. I am sharing it with my sister, so I at least know it won’t go to waste.
  • Whiteboard Markers (OPTIONAL) – I forgot to buy whiteboard markers until I rechecked my lists. I am reusing my EXPO low odor markers I previously bought for math last year, and I hope they don’t dry out before they come into use. EXPO is great brand, so I would recommend those markers if you need to buy them on teacher’s instruction.

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This was My Ultimate School Supplies Haul for 9th Grade and I hope you will at least take some of my recommendations. I hope you like this post and will continue follow-up on my blog. If you have any questions or suggestions, please respond in a comment. Also let me know what you think and don’t forget to use the poll as a checklist and to let me know what you purchase (in general) from that list.

Thanks for reading 😉😀,

Nerd Hope24

P.S. If you feel like contributing to the blog, CHECK OUT the About page.


Still a nerd, but dealing with a lot of change. Brevity may not be my best friend but I know blogging will help me develop my voice and meet new people.

4 thoughts on “Ultimate Back to School (9th Grade) Supplies Haul | NDG School Survival Guide by Nerd Hope24

  1. Hey! just wondering if you know where I can buy those notebooks now. I bought two at the beginning of the year and would like to buy more but I’ve been searching for the past two hours and can’t find them ANYWHERE! Any help would be appreciate 🙂

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    1. I first bought these at Target. I’ve seen similar versions with binder covers at Wal-Mart. Check your local Target, then Wal-Mart. I’ll check a couple of other sources and get back to you with more information.


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