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under-constructionWhile my is blog is still under HEAVY CONSTRUCTION, we are nearing the final stages of completion. So far the webpage design plus the About page have been completed, and my three topics have been decided. I cannot wait for my “Ultimate 9th Grade School Supply Haul” post coming soon on Wednesday, July 8th. I also plan on posting about iOS 9 soon for NDGTECH and maybe recapping popular anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica or Ouran High School Host Club for TVTIME. Anyway, my blog will soon be up and running and I very excited to share this with the public.

About Page:

ABOUT Nerd Hope24

As a self-proclaimed nerd, I am very new and excited to start blogging about my nerd obsessions, school life and occasional social problems. Although brevity isn’t my best friend, I hope that blog will help me develop my voice in writing and meet more NDGs.


“The NDG” was created as way for me to document and share my knowledge and experience throughout my academic career in high school. I wanted to share tips and create survival guide to help… READ MORE


Still a nerd, but dealing with a lot of change. Brevity may not be my best friend but I know blogging will help me develop my voice and meet new people.

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